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Modern Production Equipment And Supporting Facilities

Our company currently has fairly complete modern production equipment and supporting facilities, and has introduced 6 satellite rotary printing machines of 9+1 color, 7+1 color, 6+1 color, 4+1 color and 3+1 color, 5 sets Processing equipment such as high and low speed die-cutting machines, 5 inspection machines and 4 high and low speed slitting machines are readily available. One-stop production line from design, plate making, printing, bronzing, die-cutting, inspection, slitting and manual assembly.

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Printing Production Equipment

The design scheme steps into the beginning of mass production. It has 8 brand printing machines, including 7 Huiyan Machinery satellite type rotary letterpress printing machines + 1 Weigang Machinery flexographic printing machine, etc. The maximum printing size can reach 425*300mm, and the maximum printing color is 9+2, forming a comprehensive A printing production cluster, stable and powerful production strength to meet your various printing needs

  • 模切车间
  • 模切设备 (5)
  • 模切设备 (4)
  • 模切设备 (2)
  • 模切设备 (3)
  • 模切设备 (1)

Die Cutting Equipment

There are 3 Ruibang high-speed die-cutting machines and 3 Fengri high-precision die-cutting machines.

  • Mold automated mass production

  • High-precision control of product essence

  • 人工品检

Manual Marking Machine

There are 4 sets of Hongxin Machinery manual label inspection machines, which integrate manual inspection and rewinding, and carefully control the quality to ensure the high-end and high-quality products.

  • 高速品检分条区

Slitting And Quality Inspection Integrated Machine

Possess 3 fully automatic quality inspection and slitting machines of Puli Division, using artificial intelligence machine vision technology application, pay more attention to quality details, integrated application:

  •  Quality Check

  •  Robot Guidance

  •  Location

  •  Identification

  •  Information collection management

  •  Automated production line

  • Over ten years of experience in the printing industry

    In particular, we have more than ten years of printing experience in wet tissue packaging bag sealing labels and daily chemical self-adhesive labels.

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  • News

    In 2012, it obtained a patent for the design of the double-layer label of wet wipes, which replaced the traditional flip-top cover for wet wipes.

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